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Buyer's advice

Whether you're looking to buy a new Iron, Kettle, Toaster or one of our many other kitchen appliances, you might be a little spoilt for choice - or even confused with all the geeky techno-jargon. But have no fear, we've put together this handy buyer's guide to help make it as easy as possible for you to find just what you're looking for.

Garment Care

There are three types of irons to consider – Dry Irons, Steam Irons and Steam Generator Irons.

Dryn Irons

Dry Irons have an electrically heated soleplate to transfer heat, and don’t use steam in any way.

Steam Irons

have an on-board water tank to heat the water and transfer steam through small holes in the soleplate.

Steam Generator Irons

use a separate water tank to heat water and generate large volumes of steam which is transferred to garments through a handheld iron unit. Steam Generator Irons are larger and more expensive than the popular steam iron, and are well suited to busy households with large volumes of laundry.


is measured in grams per minute. The more steam, the better your iron will perform.
Constant steam is the amount of steam generated in normal use and varies around 200g per minute on a more basic steam iron to 120g on powerful steam generator irons.
Variable steam is constant steam which can be altered depending on your needs.
Shot of steam offers the extra boost to remove stubborn creases. Steam shots can vary between 25g per minute and 180g, depending on the model of iron.
Vertical steam is a function that allows the iron to be used vertically, ideal for steaming hanging clothes or curtains.


Irons with a higher wattage produce more steam and have a quicker heat-up time.


The material of the soleplate influences the speed and smoothness of your ironing.
Stainless Steel soleplates are used on our mid-range models and are durable and scratch resistant.
Ceramic soleplates are used on our top-of-the-range models. Ceramic is scratch resistant, durable, and provides even heat distribution to ensure you have consistent results.
Our premium models have special coated soleplates, such as Cerasol or Tourmaline. These materials provide advanced glideability.

Temperature Control

Irons will have either Manual or Digital temperature controls.
Manual controls mean the irons temperature is altered using a dial incorporating the appropriate settings for different fabric types.
Digital controls mean that the user selects the correct temperature by choosing the fabric setting using buttons, often assisted by a digital display.

Water Tank

Steam irons use the on-board water tank whilst steam generator irons use an external water tank which uses a pump to feed through the steam.

Cord Length

A longer power cord gives greater manoeuvrability and longer reach.


functions allow steam ironing at lower temperatures without 'drips' from the soleplate that can mark clothing or affect performance.


features help to prevent the build up of limescale in the iron and on the soleplate.

Extra features

'Self-Clean' - A self clean feature is the option to press a button and make the iron run through a cycle that will flush out impurities from the water via the holes in the soleplate.
'Auto Shut-Off' - This is a handy safety feature that automatically switches off the iron after a period of inactivity, typically about 10 minutes in an upright position or 30 seconds when horizontal.
'Dry Tank Alert' - The iron gives off a beep or an alarm when the water tank is empty.



The most common kettle is the Jug kettle, which is categorised by the positioning of the handle being at the rear of the kettle. The other type of kettle is the Traditional Kettle which is based on the traditional stove-top kettle shape, with a handle on the top. Performance is similar with each kettle; it really depends on the look you are going for.
Our BRITA Filter kettles use a replaceable filter cartridge to remove impurities from the water before and as you boil it. These are especially good for hard water areas as they help to prevent scaling and offer a better taste to hot drinks. A countdown display memo will indicate when the cartridge needs changing – ideally about every 4 weeks.
The Breville kettle range includes our famous Hot Cup. Dispensing hot water at the touch of a button, you can have hot water on demand. The Hot Cup is designed to save time and energy, and are particularly useful if you are in a small or single-house family, unable to lift a full kettle to pour – and of course the energy conscious!


Our kettles are designed to accommodate about 6-8 cups. A 1.5L to 1.8L kettle is ideal for large households.


The higher the wattage of a kettle the shorter the boiling time will be. A concealed element is easier to clean and more energy efficient as they require a lower minimum water level in order to function safely.

Base Type

All our kettles are cordless, meaning they can easily be lifted away from the base for easy filling and pouring. Many bases are also 360 degrees, meaning the kettle can be replaced on the base in any upright position – ideal for both left and right handed users. Often bases feature cord storage where the cable can be wrapped up inside the base, out of sight and shorter depending on your needs.

Water gauge/window

A water gauge or window will indicate the water level, helping you fill the kettle to the desired amount. A larger or illuminated window will make it easier to judge the correct amount of water.




When considering purchasing a toaster, you have the choice between 2 Slice models and 4 Slice models. Your preference between these is likely to be based on your needs or wishes. A busy family household would most likely make good use of a 4 slice model, for instance.

Variable browning

This control allows you to set how well your toast is cooked, so you can have lightly toasted or dark toasted bread.

Variable width bread slots

These slots automatically adjust to the width of your bread, so you can use extra-thick homemade bread or thin sliced bread.


The defrost button lengthens the toasting time to allow the frozen bread to defrost.


The reheat function reduces the toasting time so that cooled toast can be brought back to temperature, without burning the toast.


This is the ability to slightly raise the bread carriage, allowing you to remove smaller items such as crumpets and bagels without burning your fingers!

Crumb tray

This is a tray in the base of the toaster that collects any crumbs that may fall from the bread as you toast it, which can then be removed and cleaned easily.

Extra features

Bun-Warming Rack - Some toasters may come with a bun-warming rack included, which is a small wire rack that sits neatly above the toasting slots, giving you the option of lightly warming items such as buns and croissants.
Bagel / Crumpet Setting - This is an option that reduces the power on one side, meaning bagels and crumpets are toasted to perfection top and bottom.
Countdown Indicator / Progress Indicator - This is an indication (usually a digital display) of how long remains in the toasting cycle.
Lift & Look - This clever feature allows you to check progress by lifting the toast out of the slots without disturbing the toasting cycle.
Fast Toast - Fast Toast models are toasters that use the latest in toasting technology to speed up the process without sacrificing performance or the resulting taste.


Stand Mixers

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General Features

Stand mixers are useful for mixing cake mixtures and icing, whipping egg whites and cream, and making homemade mayonnaise. Furthermore they can be used to mash potatoes, knead dough and to make dips and sauces. Their primary advantage over handheld versions is their increased level of power, meaning they are more suited to heavier mixing tasks. As they are free standing they leave your hands available to add additional ingredients and to control the speed whilst the unit is in motion.
When choosing a stand mixer it is important to decide whether you require it for preparing lighter ingredients, for example mixing batters, cakes and whipping, or for more rigorous jobs like kneading dough. Standard mixers will tend to include a generic pair of beaters which are ideal for completing a range of tasks. Some models may include separate attachments specifically shaped for processing different types of ingredients, such as a whisk with thinner spindles, a flat sided beater or dough hooks. The attachments are usually removable and twist and lock into the motor head. Most models feature a release button to tilt the mixer head up, giving easy access when changing the beater attachments.


Standard designs tend to have two beaters rotating in a stationary off centre position. Some mixers now feature a rotating bowl, which greatly increases the area the beaters can reach. For example the bowl on the Breville Stand and Hand Mixer turns at two speeds giving controlled and even mixing.
As an alternative to the standard mixers, some appliances have one large beater which rotates, whilst the motor head turns at the same time, causing the beater to spiral around the bowl, ensuring a higher degree of coverage. This is often called a planetary mixing action. Machines with this type of motor are usually considerably more expensive.
The mixer bowl will either be made of plastic or stainless steel, with the latter being considered to be the superior option due to its durability. Some models will have a number of speed settings which allows greater control. It is essential that the machine has a low speed setting for the first phase of mixing to avoid the ingredients splashing.


The power in which the beaters rotate is displayed in the wattage, with most units ranging from between 200 watts to about 1500 watts. The power of the mixer is important to consider if you require it to work harder on heavier tasks like making dough, as you would need a unit with a minimum of 500 watts. A higher wattage will also ensure a greater level of durability for prolonged periods of use as the motor will be less likely to burn out. As with most appliances the lower power versions will tend to be cheaper. However the most expensive models may not always have the highest power but will include other attributes that also reflect the price.